Saturday, 10 May 2014


This year we have decided to travel to France.
We have chosen this region because it is an area we have not explored in the past. Also we are toying with the idea of buying a property in France - initially thinking the Languedoc area was our area of choice, but thought it would be useful to do some further research!

We will set of on 1st June from our home to Portsmouth where we will spend the night at a nearby campsite before catching the ferry to Cherbourg the next day.

We will probably pre book our 1st night stay on French soil somewhere between Rennes and Nantes.
We aim to explore the countryside basing ourselves possibly around the Cognac area,before heading off to the coast.

We hope to travel from La Rochelle down the coast and in to Aquitaine. We hope we may reach Biarritz.

This year we will probably be more spontaneous in planning our trip, booking our stopovers along the way rather than having a fixed itinerary - now we are a little more used to this motor homing lark!

So watch this space ..........!

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