Sunday, 3 July 2016

Week 3/4 Work is completed.

3rd July

So here we have our after shots...

The Children's bedroom 

Before we had a double bed with wooden fixed headboard and also a couple of wooden fixed tables - you'll need to see previous blog photos as Carol hasn't got them on her ipad. And a few strange wiring cover up jobs needed as reported in previous blog updates. 

Now a nautical theme

The landing is similarly themed - to be used as a play area ( see previous blogs for it's deep red glory!)

The main feature the transformed kitchen diner

And the completed corner cupboard project - what a good job! - well worth the time and effort - thanks to Roger for frame construction and consultancy advice, well... the whole job really.


Thanks also need to go to John who disassembled the old kitchen left in the garage into manageable bits to enable to get it to the  tip in several car trips! And Patti who helped with painting duties ( all visiting friends have been given "jobs" before being allowed any sight seeing pleasure!)

We also have assembled a gazebo structure for added shade on the terrace ( we had several days of scorchio weather with hot sun)
Unfortunately also some rain which collected in pockets on the canvas roof - so a job in progress.
We guess that in heavy rain it will need to be removed and reassembled... Not ideal but took 8 mins to reassemble during the time trial! - not too bad.

July 5th ( Happy Birthday Ben!)

Another month has flown by - we leave with a sense of achievement in a good kitchen job done (mostly - still a few snags to fix).
Disappointed we couldn't have room to bring all the finishing touches - books, games, pictures etc - they will arrive next time - end Aug/beg Sept. When the next project begins - the swimming pool digging!

Yes we have decided to construct a small pool - bought from a company that provides a kit - you arrange the hole digging,construct a linked frame and they line it once constructed. Rob the kitchen fitter is to help Graham put the frame together ( he's done a similar job before) early Sept. A local digger owner is to dig the hole and take away the excess soil etc. Then plan is for Aaron to do some terracing/decking around it in March/April ,the finishing liner and edging stones to be done May/June ready for next summer. 

A la prochaine!