Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Beginning to learn how to blog!

Well this is a new experience! First attempt at a blog AND travelling in a campervan!
We have just recieved our campervan and hope to travel to the highlands and islands of scotland from the 15th of  May this year.
I hope to post regularly our itinery and our day to day experiences of the places visited and people we meet.
We have decided to call our van "Rex " - it is a Vantage Sol panel van conversion, aprox 6m in length.
So far we are beginning to equip Rex and plan our  itinery. We have booked out 1st night stay on the way up to the north at a farm campsite called Lettershaws Farm near Biggar.
Today Carol has booked a 2 nights stay in Stromness at the Point of Ness campsite with the hope of attending some gigs at the Orkney Folk Festival 24th - 25 th May.We are not "folkies" but do like good live music and a festival! Unfortunately no electric hookup available - hope batteries and water will cope with no electric!
The aim is now to plan our trip up north to coincide with these dates - let the planning begin!

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